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Found 19 results

  1. Another tree ID?

    Any ideas for the larger tree in front?
  2. Waterways marker id

    Can anyone please name this sea/river/canal marker? (the triangle on the concrete post
  3. Bird ID

    I have a photo of this bird on a roof. It is grey with black and white markings on the wings, black beak, black legs, and golden eyes. Help Identifying and on how to ID birds would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. Actress identification

    Can anyone here identify these three actresses?
  5. LA tree id

    Hi folks: Can anyone identify this tree for me please? I don't know if the bulbous end in folded leaves or a seed pod. And I am not having any luck upload an image, sorry. Photographed in Los Angeles. KW9A71 with thanks, kathy
  6. Duck(s) ID

    Hello everybody. I was out shooting in a nearby park and found these ducks as part of a group of mallards. I'm inclined to think they are leucistic, but could they be hybrids? The hunting community calls them "blonde mallards". The third one seems to be too dark to be a mallard. I contacted Ducks Unlimited, but they could not identify them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Rubens Light-coloured with black beak. Light-coloured with light brown/tan beak Mallard? American Black Duck?
  7. Anybody has any idea what it could be? The wild plant grows in the city (park mostly), max 50cm high, usually next to the ponds...
  8. Hi: I took this photo in Rhode Island last summer. Any idea what this flower is? I can't seem to find it though it doesn't seem like anything too rare. Thanks for any help. Also, is there a way I can save a photo for an Avatar in my dropbox account and somehow link it to here? Thanks for any help.
  9. Dog ID, please....

    Can someone please help me with the ID of the dogs in this image? Many thanks in advance.
  10. Lizard ID help needed.

    Hi fellow photographers and experts, can anyone please help me find this lizard's common and scientific name... thank you. SUMAN
  11. Pinky flowers ID please :)

    Well, I wish I could be a master of flowers and plants like some of you here, but even after very long search I can't tell more than just "a pink flowers" Anyone, please? Both location in Poland, blooming in (1) July and (2) May... 1. 2.
  12. I know you guys love ID challenges so I have something extremly hard today for you! I found it today on my floor (in Poland), in whole kitchen around (4 metres and more near my desk in room), but large group focused in one place at 1,5 metre, it's about 0,5cm long, brown/red with ecru color larva. Where did it come from, what is it?! Can I eat this?
  13. Plants ID please :)

    Searching for few days with no success. You're all my hope - does anybody know plants below? 1. E6W5GH and detail E6W5GJ (grows on beach of the lake) 2. E6W5GW and E6W5GX (grass general view and detail) 3. E6W5H3 and detail E6W5H1 4. Want to make sure if it's correct E6W5HG (google says it's edible and very expensive! I say it's beautiful.) All photos taken in Poland, Europe, warm August season. Any plants genius here?
  14. Aircraft ID Help Please

    I've given it my best shot. I'd be very appreciative if those of you with better knowledge of aircraft could confirm/correct my ID's for the following planes. I'm referring to the manufacturer and model numbers, not the airline names.
  15. Help with Plant ID.

    Please can anyone help me identify this plant/flower, I've tried, but so far, drawn a blank. Small white flowers with blue centres. Petals with five feathery lobes at the ends? Thanks
  16. It's an old Morris pickup van. What other detailed IDs can I add? Your help is very much appreciated. Sung
  17. OWL id?

    Hi - Can anyone give me guidance as to this type of owl - I have it down as a Northern Hawk Owl? thanks X
  18. Can you please help me with the IDs for the following? I think the first one might be lenticularis. Am I correct? Any other names I can add? What are the 2nd and the 3rd one? Thanks in advance. Sung