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Ability to unReady images waiting to go onlinere

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I have been managing some images and sosmething strange has happened - a bunch of them while unready have gone to RM-Exclusive licence something I don't use.  I had set the Pseudonym and Licence to RM in batch and not all that batch are RM-E. Although thery are not ready (No keywords) I cannot reset them.


But that is not the issue - I did not notice it until one of them had been made ready. I can't now put it  back into unready state while, hopefully, member services sort it out. I face the propect of having to resubmit it (and possibly yet the others). If I delete essential keywords and save, it says it has done it but it reatins the keywords.


Please give us a way of resetting an image back to unready while it is waiting for the morning update to put it online.

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