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A Café Is A Cafe Is A Caffè . . . Or Is It?

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My head is spinning. I've been checking my keywords, trying to make sure that I have the alternate spellings and accent marks for café. Am I doing good here or doing nothing? I noticed that café and cafe get the same number of hits in both searches. What's the deal here? You Continental folks must be using a different keyboard setup than I am, eh? What's the standard search on this?   :unsure:

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As I said, I did read your post (and link), Phillippe . . . but what about the grave accent on the Italian version è?


Shouldn't be a problem. "Genève" gives the same search results as "Geneve".

Same with "façade" and "facade". All those specials characters are fixed as far as I know.






You're a prince, Phillippe. Thanks. You saved me a very frustrating (and pointless) job. 

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