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Understanding J Peg Disc Size and Opened Size

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Hi There,


I'm new here on Alamy and trying to understand the difference in size of an Open JPeg and Disk Size. I Shoot with a Panasonic DMC-G1

I work directly from raw (rw2 on the Panasonic) which is around 14 MB Image Size.


In Photoshop it is saved to  - 12 - J Peg Max Quality. After editing and saving to JPeg the Image is around 8 MB on the disc.

How do I determine the Open JPeg size so that I can be sure it meets Alamy Criteria?




Mark G

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Since you are using Photoshop it is very easy. At the bottom left hand part of your screen, you will see two number separated by a backslash. These represent current file size and unaltered file size.


Looks like this:




So this picture is 51.3 mb both ways as it hasn't been altered.


If I adjust the size of the image the first number would change to the new file size based on my changes.


So when making cropping changes or anything that would affect the size of your image, just check there after making the changes.  If the first number is 24mb or higher, you are safe.



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