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Suggestion for Manage Images: Allow the ctrl-z shortcut


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Most software allows the use of the ctrl-z shortcut to correct mistakes and slips of the finger (it undoes the previous action). Unfortunately this doesn't work in Manage Images (although other short cuts, such as ctrl-v for paste, do). 


I've lost count of the number of times my fingers slipped and I lost the keyword I was cutting and pasting from, say, comprehensive keywords to main keywords!


Is this just a Windows problem, or is it a problem across the board? 


Dealing with this would be very helpful in improving efficiency and productivity. 

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Thanks, Alamy.


If there's one thing that would help a lot, it would be this. I'm surprised no-one else has mentioned this - or am I the only one who uses keyboard shortcuts????

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Thanks Alamy.


Is it possible at some appropriate time to place your collated list on the forum? Having such a list available for contributors to have a look at will almost certainly trigger more suggestions or changes. It's appropriate also to include a disclaimer that not all suggestions can be implemented. There are always technical and cost consideration for not implementing all user suggestions. But in my experience users do accept the reason why a particular want or perceived need is not possible if it is briefly explained to them. And it leaves them with a sense that at least their idea was valued enough to have been considered.


It's a big ask to manage such a consultative process, but it may be beneficial both to Alamy and contributors. On this and the old forum, much discussion has been on problems with Manage Images and the difficulties in uploading to Alamy compared to other agencies. So the need for change is obvious IMO.



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