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I've been here on Alamy for over a year now and have never added releases to my images.  I want to start doing that when I can as I know it helps sales.  But I have some basic questions, which may be a bit silly but here goes..


If I'm doing a model release for an image that doesn't show someone's face (e.g., it shows just their hands), do I affix a regular photo with their face to the release?, and would it have to show the body part e.g. hands?  Or would the affixed photo just be of the hands?


Also is it best to use a generic model and property release?  If someone submits to more than one agency, it seems it would be a lot of extra work to fill out different Agency releases for the same image. Or is that how it's done?   Also I notice in the Alamy release it includes a statement about being governed by the laws of England, which may not always apply.


Any advice much appreciated, 




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I always use Getty releases, they are accepted everywhere and I've never had an agency not accept one. Only exception is when shooting for Blend when I get two releases signed for the shoot.


Alamy's release is rather limited (only in English for starters) and less universal.


I always use paper releases, I've heard conflicting things about e-releases but I still like good old paper agreements.


I usually put two pics if the image is a body part. One of the model and one of the actual image.

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