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Rail strike - is it not news?

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Hi there


Just noticed on an email I had from Alamy News that they consider a rail strike to be stock rather than news.


I am confused on this as surely the chaos caused by a rail strike is just as much news as images of the weather are. Or am I missing something?

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Originally you had just sent one image of someone holding some info on a piece of paper so this was removed from news - the subsequent images you uploaded later to go along with this are fine for news and remain online. :)


We didn't mean that a rail strike was stock and not news.





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Ah, thanks for that. I sent them all at once via the FTP that you gave me, so I guess the rest must have been lagging behind somewhere.


Phew! You did get me thinking!!!


PS Does that image though not go along with the others? It clearly shows something is going on with the rail network and as such forms part of the story.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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