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uploaded 17 images on my iphone 5 with Stockimo. 24 hrs later they do not show in the activity panel. I can not find any tutorials on how it SHOULD work.

I have uploaded successfully and my activity panels hows the uploads, accepted and rejected images.




1. is they a guide for how IT SHOULD WORK so I know what to expect to happen?

2. how do you clear out your activity panel (as scrolling through images to see what is going on will get crazy with it showing everything 2X. uploaded and either accepted or rejected.

3. when should uploaded images show up in the activity panel?




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I uploaded an image to Stockimo Monday night and it was approved the following morning, New York time.

Once I press the Upload button a green bar appears at the top of the screen showing progress. Once that's complete the Activity icon turns green and I'm able to view it in the Activity log. 


As far as I know, there's no way to clear the activity log - at least not in this version.


Once an image has been reviewed the Activity icon turns green. Review times seem to vary. Most are within 24 hours but they no longer seem to be viewing submissions on weekends. 


I have found the app is much slower over cell phone lines than it is on my home network. If you don't see anything in the activity log you may have to wait a minute or two.

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