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I am still very pleased with my RX100 Mk 1.   It goes in my pocket any time I go out without carrying a larger camera outfit, 


I find it very capable indeed and I have no intention of replacing it until (if ever) it gets lost or damaged beyond use.  


If I did have to replace it, I might choose a Mk 2 for its tilting screen, but the Mk 3 with its 24-70 lens does not appeal.  The Mk3 has a wider apperture lens, but on the Mk1/2 you still get f4 at 70 mm + the extra reach

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Sony seem to be treating cameras as consumer disposables - it is all about consumption. Might make sense for them but not the photographer who needs to buy into a system (I appreciate the RX100 is not a system camera but the same is happening). The constantly changing offering is why I could not bring myself to buy Sony when I was going mirrorless and the associated lack of commitment (at least at the time) to producing a coherent lens range (without having to use adapters). I just do not know what their strategy is so I am not willing to invest in the system.


With my Fuji X kit I do not feel the need for a fixed lens camera (even the X100S). I much prefer Fuji's approach of developing their cameras through firmware updates rather than launching new hardware version every 6-12 months.

I couldn't agree more Martin. Although I did flirt with a Nex 7 for a while i couldn't live with all the little wheels even tho the IQ was OK. Settled on Fuji X and about to have a cull of my Nikon gear the X lenses have made effectively redundant


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