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Best camera / lens for landscape

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Hello , 


Advice please.


What is considered to be the best MICRO 4/3 or APS-C camera / lens combination for landscapes ?


I am looking to spend under £900 and sharpness across the frame / micro contrast is important to me.  


All suggestions are welcome.  


I am currently using a Fuji X100S which is fabulous camera however I don't think that landscapes is its forte. 





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I can only give you my personal experience. I use a D800 for landscape and bought a Fuji X-E1 not long after they came out. It ,makes a great landscape camera and is used by some landscape pro's too. I did have the 18mm and the 35mm lens but recently bought the 55-200 which I am very pleased with. I was waiting for the 16-55 to come out as this will make a great partner with the 55-200 and then I will only need 2 lenses. Alternatively the 18-50 (55?) kit lens would also be OK as it is not a bad lens or so I have read.


I use the X-E1 when I have to carry far such as up mountains or when portability is important. I am very pleased with the results. The X-E1 has been superseded but would still be a good buy second hand.

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