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  1. I am using an X100S. In my opinion both Iridient and Photo Ninja bring out that extra fine detail from the X TRANS files. I have used both Iridient and Photo Ninja on a "trial" basis. I am very impressed with both. Both have advantages and disadvantages. I love the detail slider in P/N. Price aside , what would you go for ? Thanks, Adam.
  2. Hi , Am I correct in assuming that viewing an image in LR or any other Raw developer at say 50% , gives you an idea of what a printed image would like at approximately 24" x "16 ? If this is the case , does viewing an image at 100% , gives you an idea of what a printed image may look like at 48" x 30" ? Thank you. Adam.
  3. Hello , Advice please. What is considered to be the best MICRO 4/3 or APS-C camera / lens combination for landscapes ? I am looking to spend under £900 and sharpness across the frame / micro contrast is important to me. All suggestions are welcome. I am currently using a Fuji X100S which is fabulous camera however I don't think that landscapes is its forte. Adam
  4. I use a Fuji X100S and find that the JPEGS are really hard to beat in terms of them being aesthetically pleasing re - colour , tone etc etc. I do have a dilemma however. When images are viewed at 100% on my monitor ( 13" mac book ) I can see the so called " water colour painting effect" on foliage, particularly obvious in distant landscapes with trees etc. This seems to be an X Trans Sensor trait and not photographic error. I really enjoy the camera however I wonder whether to sell it. My questions are : Are Alamy likely to reject such images with watercolour effects, if wate
  5. Thank you both for your kind input - I would be grateful if you could answer the following : How can I do post process a JPEG image ( tweaks here and there ) without degradation of the JPEG file ??? Do I need to save it as a TIFF or can that only be done with a RAW file ??? Thanks ever so. Adam
  6. I am sorry to have ask again but I need further help please. Please bear with me on this. I am shooting images using a Fuji X100S. I process in LR5. I have done a direct comparison and there is no doubt that the JPEGS, provide in my opinion, sharper edge to edge images than RAW with equivalent sharpening added. No sharpening edge artefacts appear on either the JPEG or RAW image. I realise however that RAW enables more D Range in difficult lighting however Fuji does have its in camera DR profiles. My question is as follows : How can I do post processing of the JPEG image ( al
  7. Hi, I enjoy photography and particularly enjoy seeking interesting compositions. I have a Fuji X100S camera and would like in the future to send images to Alamy for approval. I do however have some questions and would seek the advice of experienced people on this forum. Do Alamy accept out of camera JPEGS re - Fuji X100S. If so , how do ensure that the OOC JPEG is increased in size from its 6mb size to 24mb , as required by Alamy. Thank you much. I am naive but there is a keen photographer here awaiting to emerge. Kind regards, Adam.
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