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Help identifying vehicles

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Could anyone please help in identifying the two vintage, or Edwardian, cars shown below?






Both taken at last weekend's Great North Steam Fair at Beamish Museum, NE England.

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Thanks for the useful links etc, the registration of the green car is NA 557.


I can't find the radiator badge in those collections of shots unfortunately.


The bonnet ornament is an AA badge, and the radiator badge looks to be circular with a green background on which is what might be a gold Maltese cross with another symbol or lettering across it. Not enough pixels to really make it out.


Edit - found it on Flickr  https://www.flickr.com/photos/rossendalewadey/9334845961/ Crossley Brothers Royal Flying Corps 1914 20/25 RFC Staff Car


I had previously searched for the reg without success, don't know why it came up this time!


That one is solved, the little red number remains a problem!

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NA557 is a 1925 green Crossley tourer with 4576cc petrol engine.


If you have the reg of the other car I will try to identify.




Thanks Dov.


Unfortunately I don't have the reg of the red car - lesson learned there! I've tried searching for photos of it without success.


I don't think it's a particularly saleable image, but having the correct information would help.

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