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Can buyers crop or manipulate images?

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Complete Alamy noob here, so please be gentle :)  Having only just passed QC with my first four images, I'm keen to get going.


However, I have been wondering about how buyers are allowed to use images. Can they crop the image to use only part, or are they bound to use the whole thing? If this depends on the license, how? I've read the documentation on the site, but can't find anything about this. What about other manipulation? Can they use filters, for example, to change an image in some way for creative purposes?


Just curious.


Many thanks,


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Once a buyer's has licenced an image they are generally free to modify it to suit their own purposes, as long as the terms of the licence agreement are not breeched.


I'm sure other more experienced voices will pop in here, but I think the main exception to this would be the licenceing of an editorial image where no  cropping or editing is permitted IF it would make the image misleading in some way. 

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