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Wanted any bodies thoughts on using key wording companies .

I have approx 300 images on Alamy but have limited time to add back log of images and future images due to commissioned work.

Currently I caption all images myself using the Alamy guide lines but I am considering using one of the companies recommended in Alamy resources.


My questions are to anybody who has used these services.


1. Did it result in a noticeable increase in ctr and or sales ?

2. What was the approximate cost per image and was this justified in returns. ?

3. How easy was the process with regards to existing Alamy uploads and new images ?


I appreciate this might be a lazy option but if it frees my time to take more photographs and process my back log then it appears to be a good idea.


Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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If you do use one it generally it works out $1 a photo to keyword but most company's have a minimum requirement of a 100 = $100. Now if you look at the big picture, lets say someone does it for all their photos lets say they have a thousand. That's a $1000; for something which you can do, sure, it takes time but every-time you do one you get better at it slowly key wording.


Some hypothetical theories.

Now lets look at the returns, you may get ten sales for $10 each = $100 or ten sales for $5 = $50 or the same for $1 = $10.

Now lets say if, you use more than one agency and for every agency you use, you get the same results? Does that equal the return over time?


I have never used one, I'm not paying for someone to keyword, the best keyworder is yourself! You might find the company which you have used is just sticking random things in the keyword boxes, e.g. Rain storm on a photo of a dessert, or sun lit sky at night time... Google is your best friend.

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I do it all myself. I am in the process of keywording some 850 from a trip to India. I cannot see how anyone else could make an accurate detailed keyword of these remote locations. I do find that the cut and paste and batch facilities save a lot of time as the images do fall into small similar groups. I also batch with multiple options and then delete the extraneous words on a pic by pic basis. This is quicker IMO than typing it in.



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