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Finally a Tethering App for sony alpha.

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There is an app called RCCDroid to make the Sony Alpha tether!! Yes tether! This app apparently only supports the a58. But if it only supports the a58 should it not be compatible with all other alphas since all the alpha firmware is almost all the same?


And there is more coming in new updates and supports for the app :) Please see source at bottom.

But what we can currently do on it:


"This is what you can with the Android powered device and USB connection:

Preview of a taken picture on a large display (e.g. Tablet)

Long term exposure without touching the camera (BULB)

HDR Series

Selfportrait with correct focus"


Finally someone taking the time for the alphas :) lets hope they start developing it more and more making it better each time and doesn't get scraped


Please note I haven't used this app, and do not know if you have to pay for it


Source which i found it on


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