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Anyone using Adobe cc ?

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Hoping somebody is using cc and can answer a question as I can't find the answer on the net and gave up calling Adobe after two hours !

Signed up yesterday for an annual subscription payable monthly.My query relates to the validation that you need to be on line for at least once every thirty days.What happens if you are not on line in a thirty day period?I will be away from the UK for thirty one days and obviously can't take my desk top with me !! There seems to be some hints that your photoshop etc will go into trial mode but can't be sure and what happens if you are on an extended trip away?

Not sure as I can understand what this validation is all about....if I am paying my monthly subscription, what is the problem?

If I were to hire a car, if it wasn't paid they would take it away, if paid, all would be well....at no point would I have to take it to the rental company every thirty days !!

Advice appreciated !!

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I don't have CC. I was going to get it with the discounted $9.99 but was too afraid I'd become so used to it that when they jacked my price up in a year, I would suffer withdrawal (as I wouldn't pay $30 a month for it) so better just not to go there.


Do you have to sign in from Photoshop or can you just sign in to your account? So while away, could you not sign in from your phone or tablet? 



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Thank you for the replies !

Jill...no,you have to be online with whatever device you have it installed on...if you have it on two devices, say a desktop and a laptop, just being on the laptop will not count for the desktop as well, you would need to be online on both at some point !

Patriotic Alien.....correct ! After posting, I called Adobe and selected the sales team option....funny how quickly I got through that time ! I posed as a potential sign up and asked the question....it seems that it will try and validate you every thirty days but in reality, you can be off line for ninety days before it stops working.It then requires contacting customer support to get it going again...going by the hassle trying to get through to customer support today, probably best not to be off line or away for more than ninety days !!

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