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Joby Ballhead woes

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Maybe you won't be as daft as me, but just in case......


I use a Joby Gorillapod with the Sony Nex, and recently bought a ball head to go with it. Seems a well made piece of kit, works well.


Today I decided to attach the ball head to a Manfrotto monopod, to see over an obstruction, and that was fine too.


The problem is I can  no longer attach the ballhead to the Joby, the screw thread on the monopod must be a tad  bigger.


Edit - all is not lost, there is a screwed adapter within the Joby ballhead and that had become attached to the Monopod. I removed it and screwed it back into the Joby Ballhead and all is well! Phew....

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Most things nowadays are 1/4 but a lot of pro kit used to be 3/8.

7dayshop sell a good ballhead which is 3/8 and they kindly sent me an adapter- they break very easily if you try to tighten them with  a screwdriverto prevent such unwanted transference, beware.

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