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Another Car ID: 1960 Ford Thunderbird??

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Hi all-


Hoping some of you car enthusiasts out there could help me out: I have listed the following pictures as a 1960 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop. This was based on exactly zero actual knowledge plus some research I had done on the internet which indicated the grille had changed between 1960-61(?)... so finally I settled on 1960. Can anyone either confirm my guess, or else shamefully correct my total ignorance on the subject?


Thanks in advance!







Here's the rear of same vehicle:


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Of course you're much too honest to tell him what he wants to hear (assuming you know).

Have you Googled it? All the '60 results are like yours and all the '61s have changed from eyebrows to the grille-level headlights.


Yes, have googled and came to the same conclusion as you. Just thought I'd drop it here to see if anyone could back it up. Thanks for taking the time to double check my google sleuthing.  ;)

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If the license plate is a vanity plate similar to what most U.S. state allow you to have for extra cost, it could be a clue at to it being a '60. Seem unlikely it would randomly be assigned "TF 60..."

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