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an image licensing record?

Bob Clay

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i have been attempting to find one of my image's licensing histories to no avail.

i found, via google image search, that an image of mine on Alamy has been used multiple times and suspect some did not get a license to use it from Alamy.

where on the Alamy site is this possible? and if it is not on ur site, might u make it easy for contributors to do so?

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Well perhaps tedious but if you look at your Sales History on the Dashboard and set it to the first date you uploaded that image you can look for it.  A search feature in Sales History would be helpful.



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I'm guessing Bob wants to know where his images have been licensed. To which client, so he would know if a usage he finds on line is legit or not.

Yes we would all love that.

In this respect Alamy is very much a traditional agency which would never tell you that because in the future you could deal directly with that client.

Remember the original promise of business on the internet was to cut out the middlemen. (And look where it got us.)


My advice: just report every image you find online and let the team sort it out. Don't expect too much money though.

They may also get fed up with you/all of us after a while. 😁



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