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The right way to keyword my images?

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Hi All,

I have some spare time so was just going back to through my images to add some keywords and was just wondering if I am meant to add commas after my keywords or will a space separate the words?

Best Regards,
Jordan Crosby
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Okay thanks for that advice but what about if I wanted to keyword a couple of words together for example great north run, what would be my best option for that?

  1. [Great north run]
  2. ,Great north run,
  3. "Great north run"



I keyword my images using commas prior to submitting them to Alamy. When I go to further work on the keywords after the images have passed QC (hopefully), the commas have magically been removed.


Same here ;)

Besides, commas take up space/characters. Better use that space to add more keywords.





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