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Could the table rows in the results returned from AlamyMeasures 2.1 (Your images / All of Alamy) please be highlighted on mouse roll-over or just have alternating hues?  Most people in this day and age (and especially visual creatives), have large monitors with resolutions set such that the information contained in column #1 ('Search Term') is about 18" - 24" away from the info in the last column ('Total CTR(%)')!  It becomes very difficult to be sure which search term is aligned with what database table results.
Surely this is something that has been a standard necessity when displaying returned information from database content for years?!  It makes viewing the information so much easier and quicker with far less possibility of viewer error.
I know this is hardly a priority, but it is something that is so quick, easy, straightforward and simple to integrate...a few characters of the simplest code placed directly on the page or in the CSS file - with no detrimental effect on page load or database.

For clarity: this is an example of what I want to see.  The table displayed as-is (without user interaction) is similar to what we have now at Alamy.  Add the hover effect, and it is clear how much easier it is to view the information that is contained within a long, wide table.


Thanks for listening.

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Thanks - appreciate it's frustrating but AlamyMeasures improvements are lower down on our to-do list. We've noted your suggestion though and in the meantime it might be worth using the to "export to excel" button where you can download and then sort the data better.





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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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