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There is a way.


Search something/anything - doesn't matter what. Then, in Filters you will find search by contributor (at the bottom). Enter the relevant namr and pres enter to search again Then remove the search term from the search box and pres enter to search yet again. Bingo - you can see all the contributor portfolio.

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From the Alamy search page:

It's under Filters. The last box. Then clear the search box.

Or click on the pseudo underneath an image.


From here on the forum:

Click on the number next to Images:

In your case: Images: 719  then click on the 719.


In the past Alamy has used something like wiskerke/f:pseudonym to showcase a contributor, but this does not work anymore. Now when they want to showcase someone's work, they make a lightbox and link to that.


And then there is the portfolio page. AFAIK you will have to be invited by the contributor to view one.




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