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Old slide scans - progress


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4 hours ago, IKuzmin said:

Well.. I guess personal experience matters, and certainly there are multiple ways to achieve reasonable results. Perhaps, it is very much down to minimizing time/effort, and in this regard I agree with those who said that reproduction with Nikon ES-1 is the most preferred approach.

On the other note, as I mentioned above, I had problems with Nikon Coolscan. I do not remember the exact model but most likely it was this. Shades were banded, no way to recover by downsampling or by clipping. The device was in my employer's office, they were happy with the scans for presentation purposes and did not see a reason to bother with any service requests. But for me the results were unacceptable. I did not have banding problems with the scans made earlier in specialized labs by drum scanners but I did not have personal access to those, and did not want to pay for the service. And, the results obtained by copying with ES-1 were way superior compare to those scans. 



That's also my experience. I spent the first four years of my time with Alamy scanning on a Minolta Dimage Multi Pro. Very slow compared with the ES-1 and I don't think that the results were any better at all than acheived with a 100mm macro. I prefer PEC-12 to Digital ICE.


I guess I could still use it for medium format but most likely will set something up using tripod over lightbox as I do with Magic Lantern slides. I still have a six-pack of  Velvia 50 120 slide film in the fridge - went out of date in 2010!

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On 27/12/2023 at 17:22, spacecadet said:


99p is a favourite price point in my house👍



It's already paid for itself 25 times over because it came with a Nikon extension tube which was no use to me as I don't use a Nikon, so I sold it on eBay.



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