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Wobbly bridge defeats image stabiliser

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The onboard image stabiliser on my Sony a6500 normally works well. For manual lenses you have to input the focal length, but I don't find that a problem.


However the system was defeated by a wobbly footbridge that vibrated as people crossed. I waited until the vibes had died down a bit but there was constant traffic so vibe free was not possible. Using a 100 mm lens (effective focal length 150 mm) only one shot out of 3 was usable.  If I ever encounter this problem again I'll use a much higher shutter speed !

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Ah well...


I've had some success of traffic pictures from a foot bridge over the motorway. Only small $ sales but reasonable numbers when the tabloids do "hottest days", "motorway mayhem" and "school holidays" spreads*. The gantry matrix signs flicker so to catch the full numeral, I shoot at +100mm, f22 and 100 ASA to get a 20th or 40th second shutter speed.  Using a monopod I get some sharp images, not all sharp but enough.


Once though, a "rugby playing gentleman"** jogged across the bridge and set up a distinct wobble! I had to hold on to the barrier and quietly make my nervous way to the safety of solid ground.  These bridges were built by the lowest bidder for sure.


So Wobbly Bridge defeated photographer...



*Not many this year.

** Big fat jogger!



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