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Spyder X2 Elite not recognised by ColorNavigator 7

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Hi All
I have just updated to a Spyder X2 Elite and it works OK with the Spyder software.
I previously used a Spyder 4 with ColorNavigator 6 software to calibrate my Eizo Coloredge monitor.
I thought that while I was about it I would update the software to ColorNavigator 7. (Installing this rubs off ColorNavigator 6).
ColorNavigator 7 comes up with an error message - "Failed to detect measurement device" even though the Spyder X2 v.6 software can recognise it.
Any ideas?

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This device is very new so most likely an issue with Color Navigator and Eizo needing to update it to recognise the device I would guess? Could depend on your operating system as well?

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Thanks Guys

Datacolor Support say "The Spyder X2 Ultra & the Spyder X2 Elite are currently not supported by the ColorNavigator 7 as Eizo has to update the ColorNavigator 7 to support the Spyder X2 sensor.
Eizo has received the SDK in the mean time and is working on an updated version. So please be patient and check with the Eizo support."

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