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Capital letters next to their tags?

Andrzej Bajer


I have a question. In the Alamy Measures section, some photos viewed by potential buyers have capital letters next to their tags, e.g. Newspapers [DT] [PH] or football stadium [DT] in parentheses are capitalized DT - Date taken, PH - Photo. But on all the photos there is a date of taking the photo, each photo is signed with my name. I know the meaning of these abbreviations, but why do they appear next to the tags.
     Are these letters a message to me to change something on my dashboard to sell my photos better? Thank you for the information.

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Do you mean something like this ?

home exterior at night [PH]

…this is just to say;  ..a customer did a search using the search term “home exterior at night” and they set the filters to view PHotograhs only.

football stadium [DT]    means that a customer did a search for “football stadium” and they set the filter to select only photos before or after a certain date or between certain dates.

This is just additional information to help the contributor understand how customers are searching and how they got to see your picture.




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