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Joined 26 July 2022 just had a zooooom :-)

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On 07/10/2022 at 23:07, Robert M Estall said:

don't get too excited, just hope it turns into a sale!

I have had a zoom - my life is complete...


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I have forgotten what a zoom is. My views and zooms have dropped off a cliff. When I do get a sale it’s for 2 cents. 

I have now, for the first time, started uploading to another site. Got a sale in the first two days. Less than a dollar but still more than Alamy has paid me in months. 

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1 hour ago, Chris1603 said:

How do you find out if you have had a zoom?

It is in measures on your account and will say Total Zooms for you = 1 or anything above and to find out which one it is go into your images

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8 minutes ago, Celluloid Hero said:

I literally went down to almost zero zooms for about a month, then they started appearing again. Wonder if it was a glitch in some weird form

I  have put in two comments for Alamy to answer about measures but haven't answered at all but seems to be a glitch as far as I know May be wrong 

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