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Nikon DSLRs going out of production?

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6 hours ago, Michael Ventura said:

Fortunately for my kind of work, I don’t have to carry my D850 very far.  I am lighting most of my shoots so I have a cart of heavier lights and stands so the camera bag weight is relatively marginal on top of my other cases.  If I am walking around taking travel type photos, I use my Sony RX10 or RX100.  My barrier, for now, is the cost of a Z6 or Z7 and lens, when my D850 is working like a champ and I have every lens I need for my DSLR.  


Absolutely. Why invest in something that you don't need? The D850 is an incredible camera (best DSLR ever made for sure) and does things that the Z system cameras can't do apart from the mythical, expensive and heavy Z9 which I don't have. I do notice the weight of the D850 with 24-70 F2.8 after a while if I am shooting a wedding though.


I have a foot in each Nikon camp and have had since Nikon released the first Z cameras in late 2018. The weight issue may or may not be significant depending as you say on what else you are carrying. It is insignificant if you stick a 70-200 on for sure.


There is a big difference in the video capabilities of the two systems though. Video is an area where Nikon was left way behind by Sony and Canon but it is catching up and has even surpassed the others with the Z9. The Z6/Z7 series were the first small mirrorless cameras to be able to shoot raw video albeit with an external monitor/recorder which is something I have been doing since 2020. That has opened up a whole new world for me and would not be possible with Nikon F-mount. 

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