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Communicate wth your contributors, Alamy


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The more I read the forums, the more I can see that a lot of contributors are annoyed, pi**ed off and down right mad.  There's a lot of issues that need to be resolved... Alamy seems to be broken more often than not with the measures not working to slow uploads and internal errors. It seems it's one thing after another.


Alamy, if you would communicate with your contributors on a regular basis to explain "as an announcement" so everyone can see, that you are aware of and what you are doing to rectify issues that come up, then your hard-working bank-roll (aka contributors) would be a lot less likely to be disgruntled. I know I would be.

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Ever since PA took over announcements have gotten fewer and fewer. And one major early announcement proved to be a lie.

I think they maybe taking the attitude that the less they say the less they can be accused of misleading us!

As for the issues with the so called upgrade to the site this is just really poor planning and totally unprofessional.


I get more and more disappointed with them but should I be surprised when it seems that the corporate world generally is getting more and more entrenched

in a vicious circle of ripping off the little guy and filling the shareholders pockets with the proceeds. What are they going to do when the little guys have no more to give?



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At one time the 'Alamy Content Team' Twitter account would acknowledge any technical problems and give some kind of timeline on when they would be fixed. Not any more.


At one time Alamy would engage with us on this forum, inform us of major technical changes that they were launching, perhaps admit that there might be teething problems but bring us on board and explain the benefits of those changes. Not any more.

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