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Leica v Olympus

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I'm considering an EVF for my Leica M type 240. The available options are the Leica EVF-2 or Olympus VF-2 and wonder if anyone has compared the two units and whether one is preferred to the other. The price differential is quite significant and probably down to nothing more than the Leica badge as in the Leica/Panasonic derivatives. The specifications look identical but.......... ?


Thanks for any input



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I have a VF-2 for my Oly Pens.   I understand from a (Leica) review that I read that it is identical to the Leica one. 


I think they are made by Epson which could help explain why they are identical, except for the badge.


My (Black) VF-2 has "Olympus" on the front in very pale grey so not too noticeable . It looks as if it could be rubbed off, although personally I think it would add a touch of class...

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