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Handout photos from No 10 Downing St



Photo: Deleted/No 10 Downing St/Tim Hammond


Are these pictures in the public domain for stock photo use?


I see them on Flickr with Creative Commons non-commercial attribution. 


I have deleted the name of the contributor.



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33 minutes ago, geogphotos said:

Any UK News /political photographers know the answer.


Tim Hammond works for Number 10 - would his photos be in the public domain for stock photo use by anybody else? 


They would in the US, on the presumption that the taxpayer has already paid for the work.

That is if Hammond works for Number 10. If he's just on commission, then obviously not. Unless they're handouts.

Handouts are exactly that: free handouts to be published for free and the photographer has calculated that in. (I have a funny story about that, finding out the hard way.)

CC NC (CC BY-NC or NC) actually covers handouts really well.

The problem is when users choose to ignore all the copyright restrictions. A good example would be all those still images from films that always came with a line that said something like: publishing is only allowed to promote this film. (2 to 3 million of those on Alamy.)



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