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Archive finds Alamywhacks


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I thought some forum members might be interested in a few of the Archive images I have been working on.


The first one is not strictly an Alamy whack for the ship itself but is for the ship/port. 'SS Uganda at Dakar'


It was built as a liner in 1952 and later became, and still at the time of this photo in 1978 until 1982, an educational cruise ship.


Subsequently, it was used as a hospital ship during the Falklands 'special military operation'.


All the history is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Uganda_(1952)





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This was the one that the posher elements at my junior school went on. We remaining peasants were treated to the headmaster's 8mm. films afterwards.

Might have been the Nevasa, though, it's been a while and the dates fit better. Ah well. 

Sad she ended her days as a wreck. But she was on her way to be broken up, so hey ho.

1 hour ago, geogphotos said:

special military operation'.

;) you won't get 15 years here!

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Unless there are spelling variants this is an AlamyWhack:


Fort Motylinksi 1908-09,  Tarhaouhaout, Tamanrasset, Ahaggar Mountains , Sahara desert, Algeria, north Africa, 1973



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