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Discussion what should be considered as Infringement?



Using an image without a licence is clear infringement, (however Alamy seems to disagree with "regular client" allowing them to just issue retroactive licences at today's price)



What else should be considered "infringement"


Is the use of an image outside time frame of the licence Infringement?  

Is cropping contextual part of an Editorial image infringement?  How about use that contradicts the Editorial caption? 

Is lack of credit and reporting, showing intent to defraud, infringement? 


also curious Alamy states that "Not infringement if it Has been reproduced on another website as a direct copy of an original article which has a license", what is a direct copy? Does it needs to refer to the original?  If part was altered in anyway does that not make it a direct copy? 


what else should Alamy be pursuing as our Representative? 


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