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Does Archive hurt CTR?



There is no Archive search filter. Most clients will be looking for current images and not likely to be interested in Archive ones.


Does this mean that there is an inbuilt CTR disadvantage to a contributor who has a mix of Stock and Archive?


I notice that my 1960s Archive images uploaded yesterday show as New which I don't expect searchers are looking for and which they are unlikely to Zoom.


'New' seems to be a strange category - new to the collection, or new images?


The same concern applies to Reportage. 

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I too don't understand the lack of an "archival" search filter, especially since historical images are very popular with Alamy's customers. It makes no sense not to have an appropriate filter. That said, I've actually found that my overall CTR has gone up since I started adding more archival/historical images. People seem to be finding them somehow.


I also agree about the ambiguous term "New" -- "New to the Collection", "Recently Added" or something similar might be better. 



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