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Logo copyright clarification





Could somebody please clarify if I submit photos of motorcycles, do I need to remove branding from the bike (eg BMW), do I need to obscure the number plate and do I need to remove any branding from the rider’s clothes, helmet or luggage etc?


Many thanks

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Items with branding such as you describe cannot be used for commercial purposes, eg. advertising or promotion, unless they have a signed property release. Even if you removed branding some items have a recognisable or unique design which would preclude commercial use.


Images containing recognisable property may be used, in most cases, for editorial purposes with branding still intact. If you mark your image as 'no property release'. It is up to the purchaser to make sure they use the image appropriately.


There is also an optional tick box 'sell for editorial only' which should protect you further by preventing such images being made available for a commercial licence. None of these prevent an ignorant or willful purchaser from misusing the image, but it would help to protect you if legal issues are later raised. Alamy recommend that if editorial photos are set as RF, then the 'sell for editorial use only' box should also be ticked. If the image is set as RM then the editorial use tick box is optional.


In all cases I set my images as RM and in most cases I also use the 'editorial use only tickbox. 

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