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Property release for Lincoln cathedral?

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I have read everything I can find about when a release is needed. Model releases are OK, and pretty straightforward.


But property releases seem a bit more of a grey area. For example, if I take a photo of Lincoln Cathedral from the pavement (so not on private land), would I need a property release?


The person who owns the property hasn't given me permission so presumably it would need a property release, or else be sold for editorial use only?


Also, would this be classed as private or public property? Alamy gives the example of a government building being public property and therefore not requiring a release.


Should I always submit images of buildings and landmarks as 'yes' to requiring a release? 

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Hi Patstubbs,


If you take a photo of Lincoln Cathedral from public property, or even on its land itself, you do not need a property release for editorial image use. I generally play safe with churches/cathedrals and say that they require a property release and I dont have one. (I presume they are the property of the church of England). 


Generally if the photograph is specifically of the building, or the building forms a large part of the image, then I say "Yes" to requiring a release and "No" I dont have one. If the image is of many buildings as in a city street scene or a skyline, I generally say a property release is not needed.


Hope this helps



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Lincoln skyline, you could maybe mark as not requiring. Cathedral, definitely private property and so is every part of the close from which you can view it - all owned by the Diocese or the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln, so what you may think is a public road is actually on church land. Why worry? I've sold Lincoln pix without property release for good fees. I spent a year doing the pictures for their PR director and have quite a few I can't release for stock, but enough taken under my own initiative at the time (must get round to finding more of them).

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