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  1. Definitely, and the section I posted earlier seems pretty clear to me. No stills or film for commercial purposes unless you have a permit.
  2. I’ve checked the Kruger/Sanparks rules and they basically say you need a permit if you are taking photos for any commercial gain. ‘In terms of Regualtion 20(1)(h), the making of a cinematographic film or the taking of photographs in a national park for a commercial purpose - either directly or indirectly - is unlawful unless a filming permit has been obtained. The procedure for obtaining a filming permit is contained in the SANParks Filming Policy, which can be viewed on our website at www.sanparks.org. Special filming privileges are also subject to the policy.’ There a
  3. So that means pretty much any scene in the UK should have a property release?! Following that, I therefore should post everything RM or RF with editorial use only. What about the ‘don’t sell for advertising and promotion’ and ‘don’t sell for consumer goods’ boxes...should I tick those as well?
  4. I've read a lot on the forum and I'm clear about model releases. A bit more confused re: property releases though and I would really appreciate any thoughts. I get it that if there is any 'property' within the image, it should have a release (or be RM/editorial only), but what would the case be if there is no property in the image itself, but I am taking the photo within a 'property'? For example, if I take a photo of a lion in Kruger National Park in South Africa, then there is no 'property'. But, the Park itself is owned by Sanparks, part of the South Afri
  5. Hello to all! I posted my first image to Alamy in 2004, the same year I started my photography business. The business got busy (phew!) and I ended up posting a handful of photos to Alamy, and managed to sell a few. I'd like to devote some more time to stock/Alamy now, so hopefully that tiny portfolio will start to grow. Currently going through the portfolio and updating/amending captions and tags, having finally read lots of info in this forum. Cheers! Patrick
  6. Eight days for my most recent - has just passed QC and was submitted on 24th November. But, I haven't submitted anything for a while.
  7. I have read everything I can find about when a release is needed. Model releases are OK, and pretty straightforward. But property releases seem a bit more of a grey area. For example, if I take a photo of Lincoln Cathedral from the pavement (so not on private land), would I need a property release? The person who owns the property hasn't given me permission so presumably it would need a property release, or else be sold for editorial use only? Also, would this be classed as private or public property? Alamy gives the example of a government building being public property and theref
  8. Thanks to the poster who mentioned how to use Google images for searching for usage of photos - I did a search for the first time and have found various images of mine that were not purchased via Alamy. I have a question - I have searched the forum, but can't see the answer, so apologies if I've missed anything. An example is an image that has been sold twice, but when I searched for it, there are several publications who have used it... - I think I can work out who were the genuine ones who purchased via Alamy, and who are the ones that nicked it. One of them is in the Guardian and is
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