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Anybody sell video ?

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I see no way to upload video directly to here but then I saw a pond5 port on Alamy so I joined them. I had to upload Id though so I tried an old passport scan but they rejected it so sent a new one and am still waiting.

In the meantime pond5 allow you to upload the video clips you want to submit. 

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It's very hard to be certain whether video clips from Pond5 have sold through Alamy as Pond5 do not tell you which agency your content has sold through in their Global Partnership Programme. I can say with confidence that none of mine have sold here since the Alamy scheme launched since sales at Pond5 in general have been few and far between and none of them have been through the GPP.


I speculate that Alamy has been waiting to assess the viability of the sale of video before importing more from Pond5. That nothing much has happened since last August make one wonder how well or badly it is going. Late 2021 there was a slight reduction in the overall number of video clips available here, but nothing else that I have noticed.


Pond5 remains the only way to sell video through Alamy at present, but since they are not importing any new clips from them, it somewhat blocks the route for new video contributors. However, Pond5 remains as good a place as any to sell video so nothing to stop the budding movie maker from contributing there.

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