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What RM License is this?

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"Image Size: Any size
Start: 10 January 2022
Duration: In perpetuity Multiple use in branded content/sponsored articles and bookable content on owned website, app and social media. Excludes use on paid-for media."


In perpetuity & multiple use - that's RF, not Rights Managed. 







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Yes, you are right. Alamy doesn't look at anyone and does what he wants. Including explanations of various concepts. It is the result of an unequal relationship. The contributor is always in the last place.

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19 hours ago, John Mitchell said:

These days, most Alamy licenses are RM/RF hybrids. You can have RM sales that look like RF, and RF sales that look like RM. Consequently, it doesn't seem to matter whether you choose to make your images RM or RF. This has been my experience anyway.


This is my experience also.

Alamy should respect contributor's choice of licensing, as there is a reason why certain images are placed under RM or RF. It would be nice if they asked, or put the one-sided license change in the price, but they don't. That's not even good business. 


I am contributing to other agencies that sell RM or RM non exclusive content, and don't like to see my RM (non-ex images) sold as RF on Alamy. 

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