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"Exclusive images reclaim" anyone?

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Has anyone else recently had an email from Contributor Relations saying they are reclaiming the entire fee for the sale of an image "incorrectly marked as exclusive" which is exclusive to Alamy and clearly complies with all the criteria required for an "exclusive" image - and hasn't actually sold anyway?

Or is it just me?

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Hi Phil,


This is for images marked as “Exclusive to Alamy” as at the time of sale they did not comply with the requirements to be deemed exclusive. Under the terms of the contributor contract, Alamy has the right reclaim the percentage difference in commission paid in respect of such Content marked as Exclusive to Alamy. The amount reclaimed is the additional 10% commission paid and not the whole license fee.


If you have any further questions about your images involved please email the CR team contributors@alamy.com 




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