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We are all buyers now

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We are all buyers now. What would I buy?


Possibly I would would pay a fee to automatically have all my images ( or ones of my choice)  made available at a POD site. Just to avoid all the hassle.


I wouldn't be happy paying for image storage on Alamy but what choice would I have?


Would I pay to be raised to a higher commission level - hard one. A balancing act, how much do I believe in my images versus the extra costs?


In pure business terms it makes sense to convert your sellers into customers. Maybe the evidence already in of squeezing contributors has shown that the loses are manageable - a few walk away but most shrug and continue. Some, like me, pause for six months, have a look around, and then reluctantly continue. It is all manageable and ultimately increases profits. 


Perhaps this is why we are all buyers now?


I look forward to the Xmas video to learn more. 🙃

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I definitely fit the "shrug and continue" profile simply because realistically I don't have much choice in the matter. Turning sellers into customers does seem to be becoming part of online business models. Mind you, Alamy isn't nearly as bad as a lot of other places (which I won't name of course) that start trying to milk you with pricey "upgrades" and other goodies as soon as you sign on. Hopefully Alamy won't go down that road.

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