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I noticed the mention of syndication (by Ian)  in another thread and that made me think I have never really considered the effects of syndication and the Alamy RM standard license terms before. 


So how does it work, even if one company "owns" another company they are still two separate companies are they not? Can, for example AP (or PA) pick up an image and then syndicate to all their associated companies? Is there a special license clause for this? It has never occurred to me before.


I raise this because, like others have mentioned, my largest "sales" this year have been from a) DACS and b) using Pixsy for infringements. I have one pic that Pixsy has flagged about 50 times so far and I am wondering if syndication is the issue.

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I tend to steer clear of possible infringements involving news sites. However, I did contact the Sun about an article of theirs that another site had copied - it turned out without their permission.  A lot of these scraper sites don't reveal contact details and all in all are very slippery and under the radar.


I did submit a Pixsy case for an article/my photo taken from TheConversation website. They do allow their articles to be republished without the need to ask for permission but their rules make it clear that such permission does not cover the photos - which need to be removed, replaced, licensed by the re-publisher.


As you suggest the whole area of syndication and the relationship between sites is hard to fathom. The other thing is whether in the end they will claim that it is not so much an infringement as a case of a reporting error. 



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