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What's going on - big in Indonesia


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I'm looking for some advice to try and make some sense of what is happening to my website. Suddenly my Analytics stats have gone through the roof with a huge number of visitors from Indonesia. Every time I look there's 3-8 online live visitors.


Do you think this is some sort of organised theft of images - might it be a school/college that is getting all their students to visit the site ( in which case it would more than 3-8 at any one time?). 


I've not seen anything like this before and don't know how to react. 


Are there any particular metrics that I should be looking out for? It does not seem that they are all looking at the same images ( as a school might do).

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What the spread over the day? Our business hours? Theirs? Then it's human. 24/7? Than it's a bot.

Batam is 25km from Singapore and a sort of pleasure island. It has a special Economic Zone that attracts some interest from Malaysia (Johor is also close by of course) and China.

However nothing big has been build yet. But you have probably found that out too.




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It's just gone up to 15 live visitors.


Looking at it benignly it could be that children have been asked to go and find an image and use it for a homework. 


I will have to look more closely. Nothing I can do about it I suppose.

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