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Finding what image has been sold



Hello Alamy forum members:


Much to my surprise, I noticed today that one of my images sold. I tried to find out which image it was, but have had no luck. I click the dot on the graph and it seems to indicate it will download or load the image, but doesn't.


Next I tried to download the Excel file with images sold, but only headings downloaded no actual data.


Any advice would be appreciated.


Thank you one and all!

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Often (but not always) it will take the database a full day's cycle to display your licenses/sales there.

Real time it's here: https://www.alamy.com/alamycontributorreports/Reports.aspx?Rep=2

But you do have to change the date to include today and change Date paid in it's box to Date of invoice.

And you do have to be logged in of course.




edit: There is a button for this report also on your dashboard page: it's the one that says Download sales report. It doesn't really download, but it gets you to a report that can be downloaded.

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