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how to search AoA for word(s) there PLUS word(s) not there??

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1 hour ago, FocusUno said:


%traffic control% but not "air"

[%traffic control% not air] don't work

[%traffic control% NOT air] don't work

[%traffic control% -air] don't work

please someone

help a bloke won't you


Mmmm...  Doesn't appear to be possible. Alamy's search within AOA doesn't appear to support the NOT or - search options.



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13 hours ago, wiskerke said:

Export to Excel and you will have more possibilities there.

Does not work on larger results, because AoA refuses to download those.



That seems to work. I did an AOA search for %traffic control%

Exported to Excel

Added a new column (G) and filled with the "Find" formula for "air" along these lines

Cell G2 =FIND("air",LOWER(A2))

Cell G3 =FIND("air",LOWER(A3))


Then sorted the spreadsheet on column G to get the entries that are missing "air" next to each other.

The LOWER function is used to convert the customer's search string to lower case, before checking to see if "air" is present. 



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Ah. Thanks. A lot.   👍    👍    👍   
Never noticed AoA "download Excel" option.
Then insert columns with Excel formulas...?
Extra steps each search, but at least...
Wonder if Alamy could add "without" option to AoA...
Say, another symbol with opposite effect of %xxxx%
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