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Photo in daily newspaper and no sale recorded.

Ivan Rwatschew


I`m sure this has been asked before but I can`t find an answer.  I saw in yesterdays newspaper {daily mail) a photo

that is definitely mine and only on sale through Alamy  exclusive rights.

I have no record of it either being viewed, zoomed or sold, yet it appears in the national newspaper credited to Alamy.

What is the correct way of me perusing this with Alamy ,  and do wish me luck.   Ivan.

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16 hours ago, DJ Myford said:

Newspapers operate a self-reporting system, so it can take up to three months for the use to appear. Record the details, and if it isn't reported within three months raise it with Alamy.

and then good luck, maybe one day it will be reported as a sale, and if it does it will be on then contractual terms, not the one at time of download, and with no penalty to the buyer. 


which reminds me I have a July non reported download to report. 

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