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Are 1/1.7" sensors suitable for Alamy?

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Olympus XZ-2 and Pentax MX-1 are bargains now and I would like to buy one of those 1/1.7" sensor pocket cameras.

Both of them have fast 1.8-2.5 lens and modern BSI sensors but question is are they good enough to produce stock photos?

I analyzed both lists on Alamy (recomended&unsuitable) but it is almost impossible to find any MODERN (produced in last 2-3 years) 1/1.7" cameras on both lists.

There is only one Canon model G15 on recomended list and a few also Canon S series models and Olympus XZ-1 on unsuitable list.

There is no Panasonic Lumix LX5,7 no other Olympus cameras except XZ-1, no Nikon, no Pentax, no Samsung...


I am sure that the best compact now is Sony RX100 but it's price is insane here, even now when it is an old model.

It's price is more than twice in compare to XZ-2 and MX-1, and for that money I could buy Nikon DSLR with 18-105 lens or top quality superwide zoom for my current DSLR.


Anybody using one of those two cameras for stock? Opinions? Acceptance rates? Other recomendations of similar sized cameras?

Both of those cameras should be better performers in low light/high iso than Canon G15 which is on recomended list.

For the same amount of money It is possible to buy some older m4/3 models or Canon EOS M but I don't like them because they are not small enough (except with pancake primes), and I don't want another system now because I'm planning to switch to Sony FF for a few years.


Thank you.


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As you must know, neither of those cameras are on Alamy's recommended list . . . or on their unacceptable list. The earlier Olympus XZ-1 is on the unacceptable list. If you want to risk QC failure and be a test case . . . well, do you want to risk that? I doubt that there are any contributors in the forum who use these cameras. 


Good luck

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Thank you for your opinions but I would like to here a few others, If it's possible from owners of those cameras.


I'm not planing to use that camera for stock on a regular basis, but I'm just curious is it possible to produce some acceptable images for Alamy from 1/1,7" cameras.


Also it's absolutely not clear to me why G15 is the only 1/1.7" camera on the recommended list and others are not.

On Dpreview G15 and MX-1 have very similar scores. XZ-2 is not tested but MX-1 and XZ-2 shares the same lens (with different coating) and very similar sensor.

Dpreview scores clearly shows that the only visible IQ advantage of G15 is Low light/High ISO performance.

But DXOmark have totaly oposite statement: G15 have the lowest low light score of 165 ISO, MX-1 have 208 ISO and XZ-2 have 216 ISO.


I was able to play with G15 and XZ-2 side by side in a local camera store for more than one hour and I was also able to compare image files on a big screen and I really didn't saw any difference in image quality. I also previously tested MX-1 alone. Pictures from all those cameras are very similar in every aspect, from corner sharpness to high ISO. My personal opinion is that Pentax have best overall IQ, especially in low light at ISO 400 and higher.

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