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Sales not cleared after 9 months



I've been a contributor for 3 years now, but made only 4 sales so far, totalling $73. On the FAQ page, Alamy states that it takes 45 days to 3 months to clear a sale. Two of the sales were made last year, totalling $37.88. On my dashboard, it states that the current cleared balance is $20.

Am I missing something here? Is the value shown on the dashboard the gross value for the sale, and not what we are going to be receiving?

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Hello HP,


On the Dashboard: "Current cleared balance" is the amount you will be paid, as it says, whenever it exceeds $50.


Current cleared balance is net balance you are due.


The figures in the "Your sales column", ie "sales to date", "sales in 2021" and "sales this month" are gross amounts. They may make sense to someone, but to the one man band contributor these amounts are fantasy figures.


From the daashboard; The downloadable sales report is more relevent, it details when Alamy invoiced the customer, when the invoice clears and when the fee was paid to you


If you feel the time between the date of invoice and date cleared is excessive and three months is possible, then contact Member Services.


For contributors and remember we are at the bottom of the bottom of the food chain, the only real solution is to have a varied portfolio of commercial images that yields a steady pipeline of business.


Stay safe.



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