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I've got a number of uncleared payments. Has anyone else discovered this ?



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It's normal for payments to take six weeks to clear from the invoice date. It's not unusual for some sales to take longer than this to clear, strtching into two or three months, sometimes longer. However, for a sale stretching back to March it may be worth querying it with Contributor Relations (contributors@Alamy.com). It's very likely they will say they are doing what they can to obtain payment from the client, after all, Alamy have an interest in being paid too.


Unfortunately, a minority of sales never clear (client goes out of business or simply refuses to stump up) and these will eventually be reversed and your account balance be reduced accordingly.  In my experience such events are rare, though I'm sure some contributors here will be able to relate tales of it happening to them multiple times.

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Jay embee, you have accidentally applied information from one different image to this one. 2F9F0AM, where you’re speaking of a waterway.

It’s easy to do if you fail to deselect one image before working  the next. You might want to check them all. Often if you’ve done it once, you’ve done it again.

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