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Using a Battery Pack

Jill Morgan


I have started shooting in live mode on the camera, and since it sucks a lot of battery power, I bought a battery pack for my 90D.  Of course it makes the camera/lens combo even heavier, but I am finding it sort of balances the weight and with the pack on, I get a firmer grip.


I was out on my porch this afternoon and did a pile of shooting with the camera mounted on a gimbal head on my tripod.  First time I have bothered to use it since I got the tripod and head.  But with the battery pack, figured I'd let the tripod carry the weight.


Anyway, I drift.  When I turn off the camera, should I turn off the battery pack as well?  Will it still drain power if the camera is off?  Most of the time I don't turn the camera off, just let it go in to sleep mode so it wakes up quick when I want to use it.  But I don't want to be sucking power from the batteries if leaving it that way will drain some of the power.



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